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Charleston, South Carolina, United States
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attachment parenting, babywearing, being a mama, boiled peanuts, citizen cope, coffee, crafting, cupcakes, diy, football, grey's anatomy, harry potter, learning, learning to cook, music, philosophy, poker, politics, radiohead, reading, redskins, scrabble, scrapbooking, shakespeare, sobriety, star wars, sushi, tattoos, teaching, the beatles, world religions
Amie. 20. Married to an [older man].
Babywearing, breast-feeding, attachment parenting mama to a 4 month old.
Spiritual. Free Spirit. Trivia-addict. REDSKINS FANATIC. GLBT Activist. Old soul. Afflicted with Beatles-mania. Transcendentalist.
Harry Potter lover. Bibliophile. Tattooed-lady. Dog-lover. Scrapbooker.
Comment Whore.

I'm a young wife and mom trying to figure this life out as I go. Former junkie, forever free-spirit, trying to mesh that with motherhood and wife-dom. Love and tolerance of others is my code- judgmental people need not apply.
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