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Random Ramblings of a New Mom

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  • beautifulriot@livejournal.com
Amie. 20. Married to an [older man].
Babywearing, breast-feeding, attachment parenting mama to a 4 month old.
Spiritual. Free Spirit. Trivia-addict. REDSKINS FANATIC. GLBT Activist. Old soul. Afflicted with Beatles-mania. Transcendentalist.
Harry Potter lover. Bibliophile. Tattooed-lady. Dog-lover. Scrapbooker.
Comment Whore.

I'm a young wife and mom trying to figure this life out as I go. Former junkie, forever free-spirit, trying to mesh that with motherhood and wife-dom. Love and tolerance of others is my code- judgmental people need not apply.

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